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Meet Chef Tia

Founder, CEO, and    

Head Chef of Break Bread 246

Hello, fellow foodies! I’m Tia McLendon and I’m thrilled you’ve decided to swing by and visit us! Here at Break Bread 246, they call me Chef Tia, but other titles I’ve donned inspire my newfound “Chefness”.


I’ve been a high school teacher for 14 years, a wife for 10 years, a lover of food all my life (nearly 40 years, sheesh!), a family member, a friend…all of which meticulously and indubitably fueled the flame that envisioned “Break Bread 246”.


As a teacher, I impart knowledge to my students and enjoy contemplating different ways to make the content relevant, fun and refreshing. I weave in and out of being “teacher” and “student” as I learn ways to refine my craft and see the world the way these young, promising souls approach it everyday all while building relationships. In the kitchen, it’s the same! I’m itching to share cooking tips I’ve learned and studied with anyone willing to listen!


Although not a traditionally trained chef, I respect the art so much that I am

constantly reading, watching, asking, learning and listening to all things

food-related in an effort to elevate my craft. I believe that even self-taught,

home chefs can serve immaculately prepared meals with the skill and technique of Michelin-Starred chefs (well, maybe not Michelin-Starred chefs, because they’re the creme de la creme, but you get my point). But all of this food and teaching stuff is under-pinned by one unifying idea: community! Food brings people together like nothing else can! Break Bread 246 encompasses the triad of Chef Tia: food, teaching and community.

Can’t wait to                          with you!

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"Our experience breaking bread with Chef Tia was incredible! She was knowledgeable in the subject matter (bread making) and very patient with all of us who have never had any bread making experience. I took my wife to the inaugural class for a date night and she was amazed and enjoyed herself immensely. Chef Tia also provided a separate set of tools and ingredients with special care for a gluten intolerance. We are definitely looking forward to our next cooking class with

Break Bread 246!"

— Ryann P.

"The cooking experience with BreakingBread246 was so incredible my husband and I have already been twice. An afternoon with BreakingBread leaves your belly full, Top chef (junior) aspirations feeling obtainable, and your mind buzzing from great conversation/collaboration with other participants. Chef Tia is not only incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about food and proper cooking technique, but she guides you through preparing various courses seamlessly while leaving space for the magic that comes from authentic conversation and curiosity among your new friends. I kicked off my birthday celebration this year in class with my husband,  parents,  and a few friends. Everyone had a great time and we're looking forward to our next food exploration with Chef Tia and the team. 10/10 for food, instruction, conversation,  vibes, and fun."

— Courtney A.

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